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In a post-pandemic environment, SydSen's e-learning content development has adapted to the new demands of being interactive, practical, relevant, and cost-effective.

Your Challenge

Traditional e-learning content is expensive and not generally user friendly. Due to the complexity of most designs, it is also lengthy to develop. Suddenly, in the short to medium term, face-to-face facilitation is no longer an option. With the change in training requirements to e-learning formats, many organisations are rushing to convert their delivery model. Due to high costs and short turnaround demands, there is a lot of anxiety for organisations who want to get it right the first time.

SydSen's Solution

SydSen offers you the choice of both highly complex e-learning content development or rapid conversion of existing material into an engaging cost-effective format. Using the acclaimed Articulate suite of software development tools, we can create engaging material to suit your budget.
In addition to developing content, we can also host your e-learning pathways with a white-labeled solution in our learner management system. Not only is our LMS extremely cost-effective, but also user friendly for delegates.